Understanding the Causes of Blood in Stool

Blood in stool can be an indication of a potentially serious medical condition, and if you spot it, you need to seek assistance from a medical expert to understand what is causing it and how it can be treated.

How to Identify Blood in Stool

Bloody stool can be spotted in different ways. You need to familiarize yourself with them so that you can recognize the signs and seek medical help in advance.

Blood on the toilet paper, underwear, sanitary towels or bed sheets may or may not indicate towards a serious medical condition. You shouldn’t panic as there could be a simple explanation for this, such as irregular periods. If you are pregnant, this blood could point towards early implantation bleeding or miscarriage.

Streaks of blood on your stool, blood in your rectum, and dark red or dark black stool could point towards real problems. However, there are some kinds of foods and medications also that can change your stool’s color. For instance, eating a lot of beets can turn your stool deep red. Iron supplements or bismuth medication can also cause temporary blackening of the stool.

Causes of Bloody Stool

There are several reasons why one might have bloody stool – irritations in the bowel movements, anal fissures, pressure sores and straining when passing stool, as in constipation. Hemorrhoids, or engorged blood vessels, in and around the anus could be yet another reason. One can identify hemorrhoids by the bright red blood in stool.

The more serious reasons for blood in stool could be esophageal varices, a peptic ulcers, a low platelet count, anal ulcers, ulcers in the bowel, cancerous growth in the colon, known as colon polyps, and tumor or cancer of the bowel.

How to Treat Bloody Stool at Home

Blood in stool causes a lot of discomfort, which can be alleviated with the help of some home remedies.

Home remedies:

  • Increase your intake of fibrous food and water.
  • Do not use enemas or laxatives as they irritate your colon.
  • Keep the area around your anus clean and wash yourself with a mild hypoallergenic soap, without harsh chemicals or perfume.
  • A sitz bath is a great remedy for bleeding that happens as a result of hemorrhoids.
  • Do not insert anything like a thermometer or suppository into your rectum.

In case the bleeding continues for more than a couple of days, you experience pain, there is a significant rise in the amount of blood, the loss of blood is accompanied by severe pain in the lower abdomen, or your heart rate goes beyond 100 beats per minute contact a medical specialist immediately.

By assessing of symptoms, monitoring of your condition, and performing certain tests, the doctor will be able to suggest an appropriate course of treatment.

You may notice bloody stool that might occur once or twice due to constipation or it can be as a result of digestive malfunction internally. Get professional help to determine what’s causing it and take immediate measures to treat it.


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