A Look at Hemorrhoids Cause

It still cannot be said with definite conviction what the primary hemorrhoids cause is. There are so many contributing factors, that it becomes difficult to isolate any one as being the main cause. However there are a few factors listed here that have been recognized to cause more case of hemorrhoids than others.

Let’s look at each cause of hemorrhoids in some detail.

Straining Excessively

An individual can strain himself in a number of ways. For example, during constipation, there is a lot of strain on the anal canal; pregnant women also strain themselves a lot during child birth; and there is also strain when one attempts to lift heavy weights.

These kinds of strains can lead to an increase in the pressure and flow of blood through the anal canal. This, in turn, can cause the anal passage to swell, leading to hemorrhoids.

Low-Fiber Diets

Fiber is an extremely component of a diet as it helps in proper digestion. The resultant stool is softer and passes more smoothly through the anal passage. Low fiber diets can cause hard stools, which creates a lot of friction when they are being passed, damaging the tissues in the rectal area.


Pregnancy is another of the hemroids causes. Pregnant women are more susceptible to hemorrhoids as the veins in the lower half of the body are under great strain and pressure. In this period, the blood vessels become swollen and inflamed leading to instances of hemorrhoids.

Constipation and Diarrhea

Both constipation and diarrhea cause the pattern of bowel movement to change, placing a lot of stress on the tissues of the rectal area. However, of the two, severe constipation is a bigger hemorrhoids cause than diarrhea.

Rigorous Anal Cleaning after Passing Stool

After passing stool, you should not wipe the anus too roughly or too many times as it lead to skin damage in that area. If you already have hemorrhoids, you need to be more sensitive when cleaning the anus. To avoid irritating the anus further, use a soft cloth or wet tissue to clean it.

Sitting for a Prolonged Period of Time

If you are in the habit of sitting for extended periods of time, especially on the seat of the toilet, you could be more prone to hemorrhoids. The reason for this is the pressure on your bottom to support the weight of the top half of your body, increasing strain on the rectal area. This is particularly true for people who are overweight.

Anal Sex

While performing anal sex, always ensure that the anal passage is well lubricated otherwise this could result in tearing of skin. People who are suffering from hemorrhoids should refrain from anal sex, as it might aggravate the symptoms and cause more pain.

By now you have some idea on what causes hemorrhoids. If you have hemorrhoids, or suspect that you do, take immediate action. Hemorrhoids can be treated easily in its initial stages, and you shouldn’t wait for the condition to worsen before consulting a doctor.

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