Hemmorhoids Cure – the Various Measures you can take to Relieve the Agony

n case you suspect that you could be suffering from hemorrhoids, you need to get to a doctor immediately so that he can diagnose the condition for you. Based on the progression of your condition, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate hemorrhoids cure for you. How to cure hemorrhoids depends, to a great extent, on what stage you are at.

Diagnosis of Hemorrhoids

In order to diagnose hemorrhoids, the doctor has to conduct a rectal examination, in which he places a lubricated and gloved finger into the rectum to detect abnormalities. While external hemorrhoids can easily be diagnosed by a visual or rectal examination, the doctor will use an anoscope to detect internal hemorrhoids. This thin tube-like instrument has a light at one end and an eyepiece at the other. It is inserted into rectum so that the doctor can view the anal canal. The doctor may also perform other tests like colonoscopy, where he examines the inside of the colon) or sigmoidoscopy, which is an examination of the rectum and the last part of the colon to understand the source and cause of hemorrhoidal bleeding.

Symptomatic Treatment of Hemorrhoids

Getting rid of this horrible condition involves a fair amount of treatment. Cure for hemorrhoids begins with mitigating the symptoms associated with it. Here are some self care methods doctors would advise you to incorporate into your daily routine.

  • Soak in a warm bath for several times a day for about ten minutes
  • Apply ice packs to reduce the swelling
  • Application of cortisone creams, petroleum jelly, hemorrhoidal cream or suppositories also provides relief
  • Don’t use rough toilet paper to clean yourself after passing stool. Use moistened pads or wet wipes.
  • Modify your diet to include 25 and 30 grams of fiber a day
  • Have 8 glasses of water a day
  • Try to do some light aerobic exercise every day
  • If you pass especially hard stools, add laxatives or stool softeners to your diet

Treatment for Internal Hemorrhoids

If these self help hemroids cure do not help in controlling the pain and other symptoms, and your condition is worsening progressively, it might be time for you to consider surgical options.

Usually, one of these five methods are used to treat internal hemorrhoids:

  1. Rubber Band Ligation
  2. Injection Sclerotherapy
  3. Infrared Photocoagulation.
  4. Laser Coagulation
  5. Hemorrhoidectomy

The last three methods (infrared photocoagulation, laser coagulation, and hemorrhoidectomy) are used for the treatment of external hemorrhoids. For a prolapsed hemorrhoid and a thrombosed external hemorrhoid, hemorrhoidectomy is recommended.

There are a number of recourses available to you to combat this condition. Whether natural hemorrhoids cure, self help techniques, prescribed medication or surgical procedures, it is possible to get rid of hemorrhoids. Have faith that one day the worse will be over and you will be able to live a life free of hemorrhoids.




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  • Of this percentage, only a small number of people choose to go in for medical treatment

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