Different Options to Shrink Hemorrhoids

Many people who suffer from hemorrhoids wonder if it is possible to ever be free of these humiliating growths within or around the anal canal. However, extensive studies and research have shown that it is possible to shrink hemorrhoids by cutting off the blood supply to them.

This procedure can be carried out with minimal pain and bleeding. This method is prefer over the more painful one of making an incision and cutting the hemorrhoids away from the skin.

Fixative procedures follow the above mentioned approach and are used to shrink hemroids that will not respond to modifications in your diet, and other conservative forms of treatment. One such fixative procedure is rubber band ligation, a technique that was first described by Barron in the twentieth century.

This is an out-patient treatment, where the location of hemorrhoids is identified and a rubber band fixed at their base. This cuts off the flow of blood to that specific hemorrhoid or cluster of hemorrhoids, causing them to shrivel up and die.

Sclerotherapy is an alternative to rubber band ligation. While the principle of both methods remains the same, in sclerotherapy, phenol oil is used. It is injected into the hemorrhoids to cut off the blood supply leading to necrosis in the tissues. This procedure isn’t as successful as rubber band ligation.

Yet another procedure that is used to shrink hemorrhoids is known as coagulation therapy. This procedure makes use of light, lasers or electricity. An intense beam of infrared light is directed at the hemorrhoids which causes the tissue to scar, cutting off the blood flow.

Stapled hemorrhoidectomy is a new procedure that is gaining popularity over the more conventional procedure of hemorrhoidectomy. Introduced in 1998 by Longo, stapled hemorrhoidectomy is a treatment for protruding hemorrhoids. With the help of a stapling gun, a doughnut of mucosa is cut, so that the hemorrhoid can be lifted back into the canal.

The stapling also cuts off the flow of blood and eventually the hemorrhoid will shrink and die. This procedure has less pain after the surgery and patients recover faster too.

There are several herbal plants also that have curative properties and several people claim that they are great at shrinking hemorrhoids. Take for instance Witch hazel and Horse chestnut. They have qualities of an astringent and they are known to shrink swellings.

Venapro, an all natural supplement makes use of both these plants. Venapro is a made from natural products and herbal extracts and is extremely effective in reduce swelling and alleviating pain. Several tests have been run on it and it has been declared to be free from side effects.

Another method to shrink hemroid is to use creams and ointments, such as Preparation H. This is also extremely successful in fighting the pain and swelling that is typical in hemorrhoids.

The key to healing faster is to shrink hemorrhoids faster. The longer the stay untreated, the more irritated they are likely to get. More irritation will cause the hemorrhoids to become larger, and larger hemorrhoids mean more complications. Therefore, you need to investigate how to shrink hemorrhoids, and choose the option that is best suited for you.

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